16-20 October 2013 New dance and CI workshop with Milan Kozanek
Milan Kozánek graduated of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia). He works as an independent choreographer and teacher. Milan has got many experiences as a teacher in the institutions such as SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK), Tanz Quartier Wien and Konservatorium Wien University (Austria), Grotowski Institut in Wroclaw (Poland) and many others.

Together with his wife Zuna Kozankova, Milan is a co-founder of the Artyci Dance Company. The goal of the company is to combine creative and pedagogical activities. Their current aim is to develop the Art and Education Center Pangea in the Eagle Mountains (Czech Republic).

Alongside his work in dance, Milan continues to develop his skills and artistic qualities through the study of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, intuitive archery and through taking part in workshops with Sam Chin, master and co-founder of new martial art form I Liq Chuan.

For more details about Milan and the Artyci Dance Company please visit www.artyci.com.

NEW DANCE The class is focused on using the natural way of the movement of human body. Understanding the bone structure, movement and energetic centers, perceiving mutual motion relations of the body have become the basis for the whole class that includes floor work, technical exercises, variations and an important last part where one can experience the new knowledge in practice. During the class, we will focus on listening to our inborn instincts and learn how to use them in movement, we'll discover and develop chained reactions that our body offers and we'll search for new movement possibilities, using the weight of the body and its parts. We will use the floor work, dynamics (as an important part of the movement), impulses, fallings, acceleration and working with the space. 

As Milan says, his approach of teaching Contact Improvisation is to look on dance as on a holistic idea. Focusing from the physicality that surrounds us, we will concentrate on the kinesthetic quality of the body, respecting the gravity and letting it pass through all the body parts paying attention to alignment. The aim is to fully involve a student in this process, instead of reducing it to physicality. We will unite this action with emotion, mental process (you do not know) and energy (chi). Milan is looking for the simplest principles and concepts. His interest is that the experiences what the students will receive would be applicable in the other dance forms and even beyond them.

16-20 October, 2013 Vilnius, Arts Printing House, studio III (Siltadarzio str. 6)  
13.00-14.30 New dance B level
14:45-16:15 New dance A level
16:45-18:45 Contact improvisation Open level

A level - designed for professional dancers and dance students.
B level - at least one year of dance experience.
open level - dance experience is not obligatory.

1 course New dance (5 classes) - 30 EUR
1 course Contact improvisation (5 classes) - 35 EUR

2 courses New dance + CI (10 classes) - 55 EUR
Single class - 10 EUR (only if there are free places available)

Registration deadline: October 7, 2013.

Contact person: Veronika Vasiljeva, Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai , +370 676 00464.
To register, please fill in the registration form and send it to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai .
Venue: Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio g. 6, Vilnius

The project is supported by the Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania.