Premiere! Expansion. Universe Enters Into My Body
Vytis Jankauskas Dance company presents a new performance, which will be premiered at Arts Printing House on 2019 April 17 and May 29.

Expansion. Universe Enters Into My Body - a dance performance for one dancer, reel-to-reel tape recorder and inflatable walking ball.

This performance reminds of a meditation, where performer wrestles with her own reason and imagination, which prevent her from embodying the state of inoperativeness, staying in „the here and now" presence. Creators of this work pose a question: what it means for current human beings to experience states of inactivity, pause, emptiness. Creators also share a critical view on pragmatism and so called „reality of action" where human being is subjected to economic logics and his/her value and meaningfulness of one's life is measured exceptionally by productivity and effectiveness.   

Idea, choreography Vytis Jankauskas
Dance Viltė Švarplytė
Music Goner, Arvo Part
Lights Povilas Laurinaitis  
Creation supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture 

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